How Do You Fit Yourself to Your Bicycle?

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Should Cyclists Get a Professional Bike Fit?

I had been riding for probably 15 years before I had a professional fit on my bike. That fitting made me much more comfortable and efficient on my bike.  It made such a difference, that I got fittings on my time trial bike and my track bike.

So, my clear recommendation is that everyone be professionally fit. That simple step will improve your efficiency and performance more than that very expensive new carbon frame.

But, Where Do You Store Those Fit Dimensions?

Once the fitting was done, I received a paper copy of the dimensions, which I promptly misplaced.  So, when it came time to provide the dimensions for my new bespoke Formigli steel frame, it was back to the fitter all over again.

How MyBikeInfo Safeguards Your Data

As some of you know, my company, TSG, Inc. is a software developer, and I personally am a prostate cancer survivor and longtime amateur cyclist.

Putting those factors together, we decided to create an iPhone application that would capture and hold this fitting information.  That application, MyBikeInfo, virtually every possible bit of information about any number of bicycles.

There are fields for every component and for each fitting dimension on the bicycle.  The application can hold any number of individual bicycle records, including photos.  The record to date is 27 that I learned about at Sea Otter Classic last year.

MyBikeInfo can hold the data from all of the popular fit systems, such as Serotta, Retul, Bike Fit, Wobble Naught, and Fit Kit.

You simple input the information in the respective field and its safely in your iPhone, available whenever you need it.  This is handy if you are a traveling triathlete and disassemble and reassemble your bike frequently.

You can export the data to a csv file, along with the pictures, so it works like RoadID for your bike.

Next Time – Tracking Training Records and Health Data


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