Getting Fitted on “Fred’ by Ted Ernst

“Fred” Gets His Name

I don’t remember exactly when I first began personifying inanimate objects, but it probably was during my second tour of duty in Vietnam flying helicopters.  Somehow giving the machine a name created a personal bond that made us a team.

So, my cars and all of my bicycles have a name.  I was considering a Colnago, which would surely have been named Ernesto.  My new machine turned out to be a Formigli and the company owner’s first name is Renzo.  This didn’t illiterate well for my wife, so she named him Fred.  So, there we have it – Fred Formigli.  Watch for the Adventures of Fred.

Methods of Bicycle Fitting

There are lots of different techniques for fitting a rider to a bicycle.  Some are less ‘scientific’ and others are more so, using sophisticated adjustable bicycles frames connected  to sensors and computer programs that provide information on power output at various adjustment settings, etc.

Robert at Ted's Manhattan Cycles

As I move past 60 (. . um, 6 years past 60) I’m becoming more and more interested in bicycle fitting.  That’s one of the reasons I had my firm created the MyBikeInfo iPhone application for tracking fitting information.  [The other, as you know, is to generate funds for prostate cancer awareness through bicycling events.  See us at]

Whatever method you choose, getting a professional fit on your bicycle – each one of them individually if you have more than one – will be the best investment you ever make.  Especially if you plan to spend much time riding.

Ted Ernst at Ted’s Manhattan Cycles

Below are shots taken yesterday during my fitting with Ted.  If you don’t know him and you live anywhere in the LA area, you stop by and meet him. [Call Manny to find out when he will be in the shop].


Ted Ernst fitting me to Fred


As you can see, we’re using the traditional fitting method.  It took about two hours of playing around with the various adjustments to get everything “feeling” just right.  The next step is for me to put 50 to 100 miles on Fred and report back to Ted for any adjustments.

Annual Fitting to Our Bikes

As I was talking with Ted, the thought occurred to me that we probably should have an annual “fitting check” before we begin each riding season, because our bodies change from year-to-year.

For example, I’ve been doing yoga over the past year, which has improved my flexibility.

Almost Ready for the Palm Springs Century

Below is a shot of Fred after the fitting.  Manny will now install the bar tape and finish the final adjustments.  I’ll snag Fred on Friday and put some good miles in on Saturday going up the switchbacks on PV and maybe Hawthorne to test my seated climbing position.

Can you tell what chainring/cog set combination I’m using?


Fred - 90% Complete


MyBikeInfo iPhone Application will Store My Data

You can rest assured that all of the component information and my fit dimensions will go into my MyBikeInfo application.  MyBikeInfo is my RoadID for my insurance company should someone “borrow” Fred.


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