Ted Ernst’s Fit Takes on the 2011 Edition of the Tour de Palm Springs

Wow. A Lot of Interest in Ted Ernst
My post about getting fitted by Ted at Manhattan Cycles was our highest day yet – 280 of you came by to read that post over two days.


Above is Fred under construction at the shop in Florence, Italy. If you’ve ever wanted to have a custom made frame, you should consider a Formigli, and the also do beautiful carbon work. Go to FormigliUSA.com.  Be sure and tell them that the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project sent you.

“Fast Freddy” Formigli Does Palm Springs
I received a number of requests for a follow-on post about how the bike performed on the 103 miles of the ride and I can sum it up in 9 words: “It was the best Century I have ever ridden.” Fred rode like a dream. The question is why?


Fit and Function
The key to everything, in my opinion, is fitting the rider to the bike. We did an initial fitting and then a tweak after I had ridden the bike for two separate 50 miles trips. Those trips included climbing (up to 8% grades, rollers, flat, and some nice, fast descents).   After the second adjustment, my fit on the bike was just perfect.

As you note in the picture, I have a Zipp 404 in the front and a Flashpoint equivalent in the rear ($s). I run 25 mm Vredestein Fortezzas with 105 pounds of pressure, front and rear. I run the wider tires for softness and smoothness and grip.   I love those Fortezzas, and I use the same tires on my Fuji TrackPro in the velodrome.

Fred Formigli has a Columbus steel frame and fork, which provide that wonderful steel ride. The rims are carbon, and I imagine I get a lot of stiffness and responsiveness from them, cushioned a bit, I believe, by those 25 mm tires.

The gearing came from a SRAM Force 50/34 chainring with a 11-32 casette in the rear. There isn’t anything I can’t climb easily with this combination.

And, of course, I wore my Prostate Cancer Awareness Project kit which, if you like, you can purchase from our 29000men website.  That’s me on the left, my attorney in the center, and one of my board members on the right.  Scott is a good wheel to ride behind!


The Result?
I cut a full 17 minutes from my time when I last rode this course in 2007, and I felt great at the finish.  I hope to see some of you at our Black Tire Affair prostate cancer awareness events. Check us out at BlackTireAffairs.wordpress.com

And, of course, I keep the data on Fred in my MyBIkeInfo app on my iPhone.


Just another day in paradise!


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