Fast Freddy, PC Awareness Guy, and the 4-hour Body

Four Pounds Lost and Four Pounds Gained
If you are a 4-hour Body fan, you know that the drill is to eat slow carbs (think vegetables) and lean meats for 6 days and then reset your body’s survival mechanism on the 7th day by eating anything you want. (You do, however, need to use the exercise tricks he mentions in the book, like the air squats).

According to Tim, If you are disciplined with the vegetables and protein, you will have shed pounds by Day 6 and not be very hungry at all. The binge on Day 7 will cause a rise in your weight because simply carbohydrate cause your body to store water.

I’m right on schedule, because I was good for 6 days, binged on the 7th (yesterday) and I gained back all of my 4 pounds. My challenge now is climb back on that wagon and see it I begin dropping again.

My Stats

My starting point: 154 pounds, BMI of 22. After 6 days: 150 pounds. The morning of Day8: 154 pounds. Tomorrow it’s back to broccoli, black beens, salads, and natural protein.

Stay Tuned
Remember, my goal is 136 pounds – my absolute optimal body weight – by August 26, 2011, for the Ride of the Immortals in the Mojave Desert.


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One Response to Fast Freddy, PC Awareness Guy, and the 4-hour Body

  1. 4HBApp says:

    I’m guessing you have lost more fat! Don’t trust BMI. Check out as mentioned by Tim on page 550 of the book.

    Good luck 🙂

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