PC Awareness Goes to Nationals

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Sunday, April 3rd, LA Velodrome
Not Much Recovery on Recovery Day

The  team met again today, just a scant 24 hours since yesterday’s hammerfest.  Our smallest rider, Gerry – who has been affectionately named “Mighty Mouse,” was once again in form, hitting 34 mph during one of his sprint laps.

I elected to train solo today turning this into a recovery ride.  I’m home now reviewing my ride stats, and it doesn’t look much like a recovery ride.  I covered just shy of 23 miles at an average speed of 21.34 mph, hitting 30.4 mph during one of my sprint laps.

My average heart rate for the session was 137, just slightly lower than the 141 for Saturday’s session and my maximum heart rate today was just 175, compared to 180 on Saturday (I use 211 as my maximum heart rate, based on observed results, i.e., it’s the maximum I have ever recorded during training.)  On balance, I rode too hard today.

How Then, Do I Catch Up in Fitness and Endurance?

So, I’m way behind in training for the year and struggling to catch up to these guys.  What to do? The short answer is that I may not be able to. But, we have some great looking uniforms coming from Primal Wear.  Watch for the picture.

I had not planned on competing this year so I was doing mostly fun rides; long distance but not much intensity.  I’m hoping that this was enough of a base period to support my new level.

Back to Being a Gym Rat

I recently purchased a book titles Bike for Life – How to Ride to 100, by Roy Wallack and Bill Katovsky.  I’ve read the book through once and it has some excellent advice and programs.

One of the programs they talk about is weight training.  The echo what Joe Friel’s mandate that weight training is essential for cyclists.  This training may be even more critical for my events because they are short duration and high intensity.  My 500 meter sprint will be over in less than 40 seconds (I hope) and the 2 kilometer sprint should be just over 3 minutes.  The last time I rode the 2k was in the 2007 state championships and I won silver (age graded) with a time of 3:02:36. But, that was 4 years ago!

So, my plan is to work on strength, squats and leg presses, since the sprints are won and lost by how quickly you can get moving (both are done from a standing start) and accelerate to top speed.  The 2k is a killer.  If you’ve given it everything you have, you can barely walk for 5 minutes after the ride.

Why, exactly, do we do this?

The Adventures of Prostate Cancer Awareness guy
Stay tuned for more adventures of Prostate Cancer Awareness guy, as he attempts to prepare for state and national championships – in 3 months!


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