What MyBikeInfo is All About

We created the MyBikeInfo application to be something like a Swiss Army Knife for cyclists.  In case your bike is stolen, you have all the information you need for an insurance claim.  Think of it as RoadID (R) for your bicycle(s).

MyBikeInfo holds just about every shred of information about a bicycle and its component parts – including multiple pictures of each.  And, it has data fields for every dimension of bicycle fitting, from all of the various fitting techniques.

But Wait, There’s More!

MyBikeInfo has an unlimited number of user-configurable RSS feeds so users can get information on products, events – just about anything, from right within the application.

If you are a manufacturer or industry media property, you can place your information right on the Sponsor page.

What Do We Do With the Proceeds?

MyBikeInfo costs a whooping $ .99, with free updates.  All proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project to support prostate cancer prevention and cure.


4 Responses to About

  1. John carrasco says:

    Very interested about more info on your formigli. Where did you purchase it from and how was your buying experience? Thanks, John carrasco

    • Hi John:

      I bought my frame directly from Formigli USA, as the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project was considering becoming a partner with Formigli, but we just don’t have the bandwidth right now.

      My process: 1) I researched the bike fitting process and interviewed local bike shops to see who would provide me the most accurate frame sizing. Formigli sends you a detailed list of the dimensions needed to size your frame; 2) I sent those dimensions to FormigliUSA, who in turn sent them to Formigli in Italy for approval, 3) I paid for the frame in full (Formigli USA) and the construction process began, 4) I received the frame in about 6 weeks – they sent me pictures of the frame in the jg during construction. It is beautiful and turns heads where ever I go. 5) I took it to my local bike shop for build out.

      Evaluation. The frame rides really well. I like the feel of steel. It tracks perfectly on fast descents. I have a Zipp 404 on the front, a Zipp FlashPoint 60 on the back and SRAM Force 10 speed 50/34 running gear, with the exception of a SRAM Rival rear derailleur to accommodate my 11-32 rear cassette.

      I know that SRAM is all the rage, but I would not use it again. My old Shimano Ultegra 9-speed that I still have on my Serotta Davis Phinney that I ride in Virginia is just so much smoother and less quirky. It may just be the rear derailleur combination on Fast Freddy (my nickname for the Formigli), but I always have this loud “chunk” when I shift gears. You’re not going to sneak a shift on anyone with my setup.

      Final thoughts. I absolutely love the steel frame. It is a work of art and I would recommend it to anyone. The buying process was smooth – you just need to allow the time for the custom manufacturing to take place. I have no experience with Formigli’s carbon products, but based on my experience with the steel frame I would think it would be terrific.

      Best regards, Robert

      PS: If you are a climber, put Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Gran Fondo on your 2012 calendar.

  2. Jon Heydenreich says:

    Robert – did you consider other steel frames aside from the Formigli? I noted somewhere on your blog that this bike cost you $7k, which is way beyond my means. I know there are less expensive bikes (Gunnar? Surley?) so I am curious to get your take on them. And thank you for the work you do for Prostate Cancer Awareness. This has affected me in the loss of friends – but for most of us – it is just a matter of when we need deal with it. Jon

    • Hi Jon: the price I noted in the post included my Zipp 404’s and the SRAM components. I believe the frame was about $2500.00. I like the way steel rides and I love the art that goes with lugged frames. Thus, the steel Formigli. It came with gold plated lugs and always gets comments, that I use as an introduction to talking about the need for annual prostate cancer testing. I don’t race this bike; it’s my long distance cruiser – century rides. I have a 50/34 11/32 setup and I just installed Shimano Ultegra Di2 – my former brother-in-law owns a bike shop. Best,Robert

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