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Bike Radar RSS Feed on MyBikeInfo for iPhone

How to Get the Most Our of Your MyBikeInfo App One of the handiest functions in the MyBikeInfo is the RSS feed tool. Just look for the little RSS NEWS icon on the tool bar at the bottom of the … Continue reading

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Do You Use the RSS Feed Function in MyBikeInfo?

How to Use the RSS Feed Functionality in MyBikeInfo Most of you are using the data recording function of MyBikeInfo and a good number of people use the app to track mileage and elevation totals, but we also have a … Continue reading

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How To Export Data from MyBikeInfo Application

Is There a MyBikeInfo Application for Apple Computers? We received this question from an MyBikeInfo user this morning, and the answer is: “kinda.” Here’s Why We Say “Kinda” We developed MyBikeInfo as a tool for storing and having with you … Continue reading

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